Prescription and Over-The-Counter Options With Mimaki Family Pharmacy

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For almost 20 years, the Mimaki Family Pharmacy has devoted itself to becoming the leading internet-based pharmacy not only in Japan, but also throughout Asia and the rest of the world. And it ultimately earned the prestigious position for very good reason.
“We’re passionate about health,” company CEO Keiko Mimaki says. That passion shows, especially in the company’s online presence.
Keiko Mimaki has created a strong online profile for the company, focusing attention on the wealth of diverse offerings the company provides to consumers alongside helpful tips for better health.
In addition to promoting lifestyle choices that lead to better health – “We believe true health comes from eating a diet that is nutrient dense and enzyme rich, from food having minimal processing to ensure it retains its goodness and freshness.


A diet having abundance of raw super foods is essential, as it’s a sure way to boost your immune system and to give you plenty of energy,” pharmacy spokespersons say – the company offers a wide range of pharmaceuticals to help supplement those lifestyle choices for optimum good health.
“Eating good food, keeping active and managing stress are three major components of true health and fitness,” company officials say. “In addition, there are occasions where are body needs some help keeping healthy and fit. On these occasions, Mimaki Family Pharmacy provides outstanding quality pharmaceutical products at excellent prices.”
By merging fresh, new trends with time-honored medicine, Mimaki has embraced the changing technology that makes online pharmaceuticals – both prescription and over-the-counter options – popular while finding a way to retain respect for age-old homeopathies that continue to be an essential part of Asian medicine.
The company’s Facebook page is peppered with health tips, inspirational quotes and advice on better living. It offers recipes – usually veggie-packed treats that celebrate the rainbow of colors (and essential vitamins and nutrients) found in the garden – along with humorous video clips and jokes that showcase the company’s sense of humor.
Along the way, Mimaki Family Pharmacy has established itself as a trusted friend for those on the quest for good health. (Some tips? Eat an apple instead of drinking a cup of coffee to stay awake. The natural sugars in the fruit are more effective than caffeine, and won’t result in a surge of energy followed by a crash and burn. Also, add lemon juice to your diet to target acne, help erase bad breath and ease fatigue.)


By being a certified online distributer, the company offers its customers the ability to purchase pharmaceuticals safely and discreetly, and doesn’t require the trip to the pharmacy that can be a true burden for those who are battling illness. By purchasing necessary medical supplies online, that potentially tricky trip to the pharmacy is replaced by a simple click onto the internet, where Mimaki reps offer years of pharmaceutical study and knowledge as well as a devotion to your good health that is the centerpiece of the business.
For those concerned about the safety or effectiveness of buying prescription drugs online, know that going online to do business offers several advantages over making the purchase at a local drugstore. Not only is your privacy protected (your pharmacist never needs to know about your prescription for the little blue pills better known as Viagra or the Rogaine that keeps your hair so thick and full), it also offers the convenience of not having to get dressed to go out (you can make purchases while still in pajamas over your morning cup of tea).

In addition, Mimaki Family Pharmacy offers a wider range of product options than your corner drug store, easier access to written information about the drugs you take and more convenient searching, since you can use the site’s search engine rather than roaming the aisles of your corner store is search of the product you want.
Not only that, but Mimaki Family Pharmacy also makes it easier for you to buy the products you want, even if you don’t find what you’re looking for on their site. Since the company began in recent years to accept requests for new products, it has added almost 100 new items to its prescription drug line.
The internet-based company offers products manufactured in Japan, ranging from over-the-counter homeopathic medicine to prescription drugs, firmly establishing itself among locally-owned companies that also support its fellow Japanese businesses.


Mimaki offers a diverse product line including beauty and cosmetic products, Chinese herbal medicines (exploring a wealth of traditional natural remedies dating back centuries), birth control options, health food, medicine cabinet supplies such as bandages and antiseptics, health-related equipment such as diabetes testing supplies(blood glucose monitors and test strips), items for babies and moms-to-be, nursing supplies, pet-related items including grooming products and medicinal items as well as almost 2,500 prescription drugs, sports medicine items and testing kits for both ovulation and pregnancy.
It features secure purchase options and has an easy-to-navigate site with numerous search options, making finding what you’re looking for an absolute breeze, whether it is smoking cessation items or probiotics to improve your digestive system.
Ultimately, when it comes to using an online pharmacy for purchasing prescription drugs, cosmetics and other items, Mimaki Family Pharmacy is an excellent choice, and one that you can feel good about.
That’s especially true because Mimaki pharmacists are at forefront of cutting-edge technology such as extracorporeal diagnostic agents, which allow for not only the better determination of which therapeutic options might be best based on an individual’s personal disease progression but also the exploration of molecular biomarkers that could determine a person’s risk of potential disease.
Being part of a new approach to disease management makes Mimaki a smart choice for all your pharmaceutical needs, whether you’re in the market for prescription drugs or are looking for over-the-counter medicines to stock up on in time for flu season.

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