Excellent multifunctional pan “Cook Rainbow”

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We introduce the excellent multifunctional pan “Cook rainbow”.
It easily makes a delicious homemade dish for home parties.
It is patented in Japan. It is the original pan made in Japan.
The pan lid portion called the “Cook hat” has a secret!
The lid is about 1kg and compared with ordinary pan, it is slightly heavy.
Since sealing nature is made high in this weight, a lid does not open easily.
Moreover, the steamy hole which can adjust pressure is attached, pressure and excessive moisture are missed outside from there, and since it can be caught in the peculiar curve in the main part of a pan, stock does not fall.
Since the cooking time is made short, it is economical at energy saving and easy to use.
The pan doesn’t fall easily, so the cooking stove doesn’t get dirty. You can keep the kitchen clean.
Because it is made from stainless steel, the whole pan has no necessity of making fire power into high heat! It can cook pasta, boiled fish, dessert, boiled rice etc.
It can use also as a remaining-heat dish or a waterless cooker!