Japanese Theatre-Kabuki

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Kabuki is the most famous theater in Japan and because it combines the music, drama and dance, it is the most famous theater in the world as well.
According to some sources first Kabuki Theater was performed in the year 1603.




In 19th Century in many dramas participants used to play with original swords. But now few things has been changed in the Kabuki Theater.
Kabuki theaters are very beautiful and lively to watch. Participants used to do fights with swords. Dresses of the participants are very colorful and sometimes they wear very wild costumes as well.


There is a famous and most beloved Kabuki Plays called “Kanadahon Chushingura”. In this play a character called Ronin is used. Ronin actually is a Japanese word used for Samurai having no leader. The story is about 47 Ronin who are revenging to the people killed their lord.
One special thing while attending a Kabuki Theater is that often attendees shouts when play is in its very highest peak.